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In Search of Lost Learning

I will spend this week at “Almedalsveckan”, a summer kindergarten drenched in vin rosé for anyone wanting to be a player in a Swedish political life. It’s a great place, a micro cosmos of ambition, greed and idealism. As I sat in alley and listened to the opening adress given by the leader of the Christ democratic party I made a wish list for this week (it’s a narrow one, limited to my field: learning, education and innovation):


Photo: Miriam Svensson

I wish for more than vision: I wish for some brilliant ideas of HOW not just WHAT. Browsing thru the extensive program I can’t help think that almost every seminar has a great headline, they all promise a lot. -Just imagine if they delivered viable solutions and bold actions, THAT would be a revelation and, maybe, the beginning of a revolution.

I wish for learning and education in context. The seminars during this week cover almost every challenge we are facing in society today: inequalities, unemployment, environmental issues, integrity and integration, innovation and… strangely enough, education, as a topic of its own. I wish for more discussions on the conditions for learning and education in context. Education must be seen in relation to the challenges we face, as part of a soultion not as a problem of its own. Therefor I’m going to seminars eager to hear how experts and visionaries from other fields see learning and education as key features in change.

After all, change is driven by our hearts and minds and that’s what great education is all about: capturing our hearts and empowering our minds.

Stay posted!

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