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Learning skills by IKEA

About a frantic raid to IKEA . My aim was to furnish a small conference room in a school, get some additional soft furniture for the school’s psychologist -I learnt from the kids later that I had bought the ohh-how-do-you-feel?-armchair and finally, some storage containers och a rug.

The first phase of my mission went unbelievable well, I got professional help and left the showroom parts of the store within an hour or so equipped with tidy lists of items that should be collected down in the famous get it yourself warehouse. After yet another hour I had three full carts and just had to get the final piece, Ektorp Jennylund. I turned out to be not to be the tip of the iceberg but almost an iceberg itself,
A small dissection of the trial and error method shows at least four different strategies:

  • The optimistic: ”Ohh, this looks like a lot, but I haven’t yet failed to stow everything after an IKEA session. -Not even when a friend and I bought his first king size bed without having a car or driver’s licence”
  • The I use to do like this: Flat packages first, and the not so easy to stow-ones the fill up with the rest. (Fail)
  • The frustrated: Damn! Not even close, the car i stuffed to the max and Jennylund still sits on the curb, put on the rack and fit the flat bastards there. (Fail)
  • Finally: I’ve tried everything but putting the Jennylund on the rack approach… And to my great surprise it was like getting Jeanie out of the bottle, like opening Sesame, like… Success!

I realised I had missed THE strategy: To ask myself what the nature of the challenge itself was. With Jennylund sitting on top of my car i a huge cardboard box it should have been obvious what the nature was, Volume. If volume inside the car is the challenge there cant’t be a better strategy than putting the most voluminous item outside the car, it was embarrassingly simple.