Grand Pathetic Central

This will expand my comfort zone. Found something really embarrassing on my hard drive and to fully appreciate it I have to share the whole setting. I was on my way from Boston to New York after a really intense week and was on a high: free, on my own and would soon meet up with one of my best friends and our daughters in NYC. I had a beer and a sandwich, bought a great book at South Station and was ready to go. The train car was almost empty, i sat in my seat and felt that, this is really how I should live my life: fully charged, alone but on my way and between things I love, Then, as the train pulled out from its first stop at Providence, the car filled up and a gentleman in his 30s sat down to me and a started to talk in his cellphone, in hindi and he just didn’t stop. He talked intensely and practiced circular breathing, he was like a verbal machine gun without the need to recharge. He kept at it until he got off at the just before Penn Station. It was like pounding my mood with a sledgehammer, it was shattered and in a desperate effort to keep focus I had another beer, put my headphones on and, for some reason, started to write some poetry, desperately clinging to the sense of freedom and relief I had felt as I got on the train. Now a deep breath…enter the frustrated Poet:

the world is spraycanned

for some reason bricks, concrete

covered with color

bright, scary, dull

tags in clouds


of what was unique remains nothing

passing wet boathouses

from one island to another


I could disappear here

I wouldn’t even know it myself

I’m out of touch

and it’s beautiful

if couldn’t cry I would

now I can and I don’t

I can’t find any other excuse for putting this on the blog other than the thrill of the chill that goes down my spine as I push “Publish”